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10, 2023
Jilin-1 Satellite Strengthens International Disaster Relief!
On September 28, 2023, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) officially released the earthquake disaster assessment report for Morocco on September 8. Chang Guang Satellite T...
07, 2023
Global Release of the World's First 5-Meter Resolution Wideband Multispectral Satellite Dataset (JLS-5M)
According to the website of the National Earth Observation Science Data Center (NEOSDC), the 6th Asia-Oceania Regional Earth Observation Comprehensive Program (AOGEO) International Symposium was held ...
06, 2023
Jilin-1 Satellite Assists Flood Relief in Multiple African Countries
Since March 2023, central Africa has experienced continuous heavy rainfall and triggered floods, causing significant casualties and property damage in countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, and Somalia. In ...
04, 2023
Satellite Witness: Post-Hurricane New Zealand
"Gabrielle" landed in the northernmost part of the North Island of New Zealand on the 13th, bringing large-scale floods to the region, especially the Hawke's Bay area in the east of the ...
04, 2023
Flat & 3D: Two Perspectives for Your Enjoyment
Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaAlso known as Saudi, in Arabic, Saudi means "happiness", and "Arabia" refers to "desert", meaning "happy desert". Saudi is located on the...
01, 2023
China Successfully Launched 6 Satellites Including "Huashui No.1", "Wofman", "Haihe. No.1" and "Jilin-1"
At 11:14 on January 15, 2023, the 6 satellites approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, including "Huashui No. 1", "Wofman No. 1", "Haihe No. 1", "...
12, 2022
Six Satellites Including "Huashui No. 1", "Wofman No. 1", "Haihe No. 1" and "Jilin No. 1" Are on the Expedition
Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. held the launching ceremony of 6 satellites including "Huashui-1" satellite, "Wofman" satellite, "Haihe-1" satellite, JL1 GF03D...
11, 2022
China Successfully Launched Five
At 14:20 on November 16, 2022 (Beijing time), China successfully launched five satellites, including Jilin I High Score 03D08 and High Score 03D51~54, with the Ceres I Remote IV carrier rocket at Jiuq...
11, 2022
Meishan Tianfu Constellation Daoda Constellation JL1 And Other Eight Satellites Went On The Expedition
On November 13, 2022, Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. held an expedition ceremony for eight satellites in Changchun Aerospace Information Industrial Park, including the "Tianfu Constell...
10, 2022
On October 27, 2022, Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. held an expedition ceremony for five satellites, including Jilin No.1 High Score 03D08 and High Score 03D51-54, in the Aerospace Informat...