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Changguang Satellite Environmental Monitoring

Changguang Satellite Environmental Monitoring

CGSTL has built a set of environmental protection remote sensing detection service product system relying on satellite remote sensing technology. The products cover a wide range of areas and the monitoring types are diverse. It has the advantages of long-term, continuous and dynamic monitoring.

Atmospheric Grid Satellite Environmental Monitoring and Tracing

Generally speaking, the groups of air monitoring stations are sparsely distributed across a large area, and the cost of new air monitoring stations is high, so it is still difficult to achieve air quality monitoring across the whole area. In order to solve the above situation, the advantages of wide satellite monitoring range and pollution database can be used to accurately narrow the scope of suspected pollution areas and achieve pollution traceability and positioning.

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Satellite Environmental Monitoring Of Pollution Sources Of Bare Soil Dust

We will strengthen atmospheric protection and further promote the control of fugitive dust pollution. JL1 provides "satellite+" scientific and accurate control means, captures and analyzes the monitoring area once a month and then solves the problem of fugitive dust pollution control that is not found in time, inefficient law enforcement and verification.

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Satellite Environmental Monitoring In Drain Outlet Identification

Based on the advantages of JL1 high-resolution satellite data, the upgrading and optimization of sewage outfall identification algorithm has been carried out continuously, which can quickly identify the sewage outfalls of key basins into rivers (lakes and reservoirs).

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