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Remote Sensing In Forestry

Forestry remote sensing is a technology that uses the inherent characteristics of electromagnetic waves reflected or radiated by objects to identify objects and their environments by studying the characteristics of electromagnetic waves. It is called forestry remote sensing to monitor the growth of forest trees and forecast forest pests and diseases.

satellite remote sensing in forestry
satellite remote sensing data

Content of Forestry Remote Sensing Service Product System of CGSTL


Product name

Service content

Service frequency


Distribution and change monitoring of forestry resources

Spatial distribution of forest types and forest land change monitoring

Once a year


Forest vegetation growth monitoring

Monitoring the growth of forest land such as planted forest and economic forest

Once a quarter


Forest fire early warning and monitoring

Carry out forest fire risk assessment of township administrative units

Once a day

Carry out nationwide high-frequency identification of fire point by satellite remote sensing

Once per 10 minutes

Forest fire emergency monitoring via Jilin-1 satellite constellation

On demand


Sky ground cooperative remote sensing monitoring of dead and discolored standing trees

Conduct the general survey of dead and discolored standing trees by the means of “space-sky-ground” coordination, wherein conducting general investigation by satellite, detailed survey by UAV and on-the-spot verification on the ground.

On demand

satellite communication service

Massive imagery data in both daily archived or task programming is changing the way you see the world.

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