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Changguang Satellite Service For Urban

Changguang Satellite Service For Urban

The identification of urban ground features depends on the using high-resolution data captured by JL1 satellites. The main procedures of urban plannings are: building the training dataset; constructing convolutional neural network model, and so on.

Satellite Images Of Urban Solid Waste Monitoring

The environmental pollution caused by the indiscriminate piling of ground garbage can be seen everywhere. Through interpretation and analysis of high resolution images, solid waste monitoring information is provided. Comparing the image data of two different phases and the existing solid waste data, solid waste sites are rectified or not and the newly discovered solid waste sites can be found.

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Illegal Construction and Occupation Satellite Imagery Monitoring

Monitoring illegal construction and occupation by satellites, government departments can grasp the present situation of urban development in real time, monitor every change in the land surface of their jurisdiction, and realize the purpose of monitoring illegal construction and dynamic supervision of major projects.

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Illegal Mining and Sand Excavation Satellite Remote Sensing

Through comparing and analyzing the two high resolution images, the remote sensing monitoring information of illegal mining sites and illegal sand excavation sites is provided.

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