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Satellite Imaging In Agriculture

Satellite Imaging In Agriculture

The fusion of multi-source aerospace information can technically ensure the timely, positioning and balance of crop production demand and agricultural production factor input, and effectively make up for the shortage of traditional agricultural monitoring means.

Satellite Data For Agriculture Resources Survey

The monthly dynamic monitoring of cultivated land "non-agricultural", "non grain" and black land is carried out by using JL1 constellation to realize the recognition of cultivated land changes. We will resolutely forbid the "non-agricultural" transformation of cultivated land, prevent the "non grain" transformation of cultivated land and protect the "black land". This product has been applied in Jilin, Hunan and other regions in China.

Agricultural Resources Satelllite Image Data

Satellite In Agriculture Condition Monitoring

Now, CGSTL has realized the classified and batch production of bulk crops and cash crops, providing stable services for natural resources, agricultural insurance, meteorology and other users.

Agricultural Satelllite Image Data

Agriculture Satellite Insurance Imagery Application

Through the three-dimensional monitoring means of sky and earth, the integration of satellite remote sensing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies will help the development of precision agriculture, and provide the whole process of agricultural remote sensing monitoring services from planting to harvesting.

Agricultural Insurance Satelllite Image Data