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Satellite Image Monitoring

Change monitoring remote sensing uses multi-temporal remote sensing data, a variety of image processing and pattern recognition methods to extract change information, quantitatively analyze and determine the characteristics and processes of surface changes.

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Content of High-resolution Remote Sensing Change Monitoring Service Product of CGSTL


Product name

Service content

Service frequency


Remote sensing monitoring and supervision of "two violations" rectification

The whole process management of illegal construction as well as illegal map, including upload, verification, classified disposal, distribution and rectification.

Once a month

(or customized in key areas)


Remote sensing monitoring of urban land use change

Quick identification of the location and area information of urban land use change map based on intelligent change detection algorithm.

Once a month


Remote sensing monitoring of "four chaos" in rivers and lakes

Remote sensing monitoring is carried out for the "four chaos" behaviors such as random construction, occupation, stacking and mining in the River and Lake Reserve, so as to achieve the effective tracking of the "four chaos" behaviors.

Once a month


Remote sensing monitoring in building stage of construction project

Monitoring the building stage of construction projects objectively to provide decision-making and management basis for statistical investigation departments.

Once a month

(or customized in key areas)

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Massive imagery data in both daily archived or task programming is changing the way you see the world.

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