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11, 2023
Introduction to Remote Sensing Satellites
What are remote sensing satellites?Remote sensing satellites, also known as Earth observation satellites or Earth remote sensing satellites, are used for espionage purposes or for environmental monito...
02, 2023
The Development Trend of World Science and Technology in Aerospace Field in the First Half of 2022
The United States and Europe continue to promote the planning and deployment of low-orbit communication constellations, carry out key technology verification, and continuously expand their application...
09, 2018
China Successful Launched Twin Beidou Navigation Satellites
China Satellite Navigation Office announced on the 25th day of this month (Beijing Time: 7:52 a.m., August 25) that China has successfully launched the 35th and the 36th BeiDou Navigation Satellites.
09, 2018
APStar 5C Was Successfully Launched to Replace APStar 5
12:45 p.m., September 10, 2018, APStar 5C lifted off at CCAFS, Florida, U.S. This launch mission was undertaken by Space X, a U.S. launch service provider, by Falcon 9 carrier rocket.