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APStar 5C Was Successfully Launched to Replace APStar 5

12:45 p.m., September 10, 2018, APStar 5C lifted off at CCAFS, Florida, U.S. This launch mission was undertaken by Space X, U.S. launch service provider, by Falcon 9 carrier rocket.

APStar 5C was launched to replace APStar 5 which remains in service at the synchronous obit of 380°E. APStar 5C was produced by SSL on basis of the FS-1300 Bus. It was equipped with two high throughput payloads, one in Ku-Band and the other in C-band. As a satellite with the broadest coverage and best performance, APStar will offer superior performance for broadcasters, telecom service providers, household TV users, and VSAT. This satellite will expand APStar 5’s coverage and business capacities, particularly, the high throughput payloads in Asia Pacific Area, to meet growing demands for communication service.

APStar 5C will operate from 138°E to replace APStar 5 which was launched in 2004 and came to the end of its service life. APStar 5 was equipped with mixed chemical and electric propelling system with an expected life span of over 18 years. APStar 5 was a satellite developed by joints efforts of APT Satellite ad Telesat, a Canadian company.

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