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Satellite Remote Sensing Monitoring for Refined Agricultural Production

During the agricultural production process, the growth of crops is related to the annual grain harvest and farmers' income, and plays an important role in grain production.

Satellite remote sensing used in agricultural planting

Refined management of agricultural planting not only requires standardized planting processes and techniques, but also a thorough understanding of the planting environment. Satellite remote sensing is a widely used, highly efficient, and high-precision means of observing the earth, which can monitor scattered and fragmented land, observe land use through satellite remote sensing images, and provide a different perspective on the ground. Understanding the planting environment can facilitate refined management in agricultural production, not only improving planting efficiency, but also improving the quality of agricultural planting.

The satellite remote sensing big data platform can monitor future weather forecasts, achieve real-time monitoring of ground meteorological information such as air temperature, humidity, precipitation, and gas concentration, and help farmers timely understand meteorological information related to the planting environment. When problems with planting disasters are found, timely countermeasures can be taken to minimize losses caused by disasters.

Satellite remote sensing in agriculture precisely monitors soil moisture content

Soil moisture information is also crucial. Real-time and accurate monitoring of soil type, soil temperature, and soil humidity, and soil moisture forecasting, provides lot of data for production personnel to understand soil information and make quick production decisions. Understanding crop growth environment through plot monitoring information can facilitate crop planting planning and ensure increased and stable crop yields.

Crops are not only influenced by weather and soil during their growth process, but also by other factors in production methods. Traditional agriculture relies on weather, but social progress integrates new technologies into agricultural production, changing the traditional way of agricultural planting and introducing scientific planting and refined agricultural management into agriculture.

Satellite remote sensing provides important technical support and reference for precise agricultural production with its wide monitoring range, large area, and high accuracy, providing full-cycle monitoring and intelligent planting services for agriculture planting. It provides agricultural rural administrative units with a digital image analysis management platform specially tailored for agriculture, providing multi-scenario, multidimensional digital services for agricultural enterprises, providing smart reclamation digital services for the agricultural reclamation group, and providing multi-scenario, multidimensional digital services for agricultural enterprises, new production and management subjects, and farms, as well as digital agricultural production supervision platforms.

We provide macro, full-cycle, and full-industry chain analysis services for agricultural and rural applications, providing leadership vision and assisting government precise decision-making. At the same time, we provide time and space different dimensions of time-space big data statistical analysis services to improve the real-time, visible, scenario-based, business-based, and refined level of management services, and improve decision-making efficiency and reduce operating costs in agricultural production.

Satellite remote sensing technology in agriculture  provides monitoring services for the whole growth period according to crop growth cycles, reducing manual costs and the frequency of field trips in agricultural production, saving labor costs while improving agricultural production efficiency, achieving refined management and accurate data monitoring, and safeguarding agricultural production.