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What Changes Are Taking Place in Satellite Remote Sensing Data Processing?

The development trend of satellite remote sensing data

Satellite remote sensing data processing is more like the "raw material rough processing" in production, and it is also the pre-sequence means of intelligent application and business integration of satellite remote sensing image data. The process is relatively complex and professional.

As an important part of ground observation and remote sensing industrialization, the downstream satellite remote sensing data processing is also impacted by the big data era, responding to this trend and undergoing changes, moving towards real-time, standardization, scale, and automation.

Satellite remote sensing data processing

In the digital transformation of enterprises, people often say that all traditional industries are worth digitizing again. In traditional data production and information service industries, the model and process are also worth algorithm and AI again.

When algorithms and artificial intelligence gradually penetrate into the processing of satellite remote sensing data, they can solve many problems in data production services in the satellite remote sensing industry, such as data distribution cycle and long link, multiple processing steps, and accuracy and consistency of massive data processing. We can regard it as "automatic batch processing."

After the middle-end algorithm engine solves the problems of data service and data computing efficiency and automated process, more refined application data products suitable for various vertical subdivision scenarios will also appear downstream. With the participation of AI and algorithms in the information extraction stage of satellite remote sensing image, many efficient automated functions such as target recognition, ground feature extraction, land classification, and change detection are gradually helping humans improve interpretation efficiency, forming an "intelligent information mining" mechanism for the downstream of remote sensing industry.

We can see that from the source of satellite remote sensing data acquisition, to data processing, to terminal application, its efficiency is closely related to the underlying data mode. Under the trend of the construction of satellite internet and ground observation constellation, only by standardizing the data acquisition, processing, and sharing processes, can the remote sensing industry be better for the digital transformation of politics and enterprises, and truly usher in the era of spatial and temporal big data.

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