Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd.

TV Distributor of CG Satellite Night Lmages

Telescope is expanding its Earth observation data acquisition services and becoming a distributor of satellite products in France for China's CG Satellite Company, which provides high-resolution night images.

In order to deal with new problems related to light pollution, Telesco hopes to cooperate with CG Satellite to provide French public and private sectors with detailed information on urban lighting.

Tv Distributor of Cg Satellite Night Images

Since 2017, the CG satellite, headquartered in Hong Kong, has launched more than a dozen video and optical satellites, forming the Jilin 1 constellation. These satellites can be photographed at night with a resolution lower than 1 meter per pixel, which is one of the finest resolutions available in the night satellite image distribution market. CG Satellite Company plans to expand its fleet from 60 satellites in 2020 to 138 satellites in 2030 to reach the frequency of once every 10 minutes.

Because of its control over the satellite image value chain, Telescope suggests that in addition to the need to obtain satellite images from CG Satellite, Airbus and planetary partners, it should also support users to generate and use spatial data. The company is currently accompanied by Montpellier BIC.

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