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Weather Satellite Image

Weather Satellite Image

JL1 can not only shoot the targets, but also reflect the weather conditions at shooting. Watching the weather from the perspective of satellite to feel the charm of nature. At the same time, you can make the arrangements in advance for extreme weather to ensure no loss of property

Your One-Stop Shop For Weather Satellite Photo

Your One-Stop Shop For Weather Satellite Photo

JL1 can be used to image target points or large areas. It is more intuitive for weather imaging in AOI area. At the same time, the use of remote sensing technology of JL1 can generate thematic analysis reports, which are reliable in accuracy and professionalism.

JL1 Weather Satellite Picture

JL1 Weather Satellite Picture

  • High-cost performance

The company's independent research and development of "on-board integration" core technology has greatly reduced the satellite cost compared with traditional satellites, making the data price more advantageous. 

  • Multiple methods to quickly image the weather in the target area. 

The static weather in the target area can be observed by using push broom data, the dynamical weather conditions in a period of time can be displayed by video data, the spectral segment analysis ca be obtained by multispectral data, JL1 can fully meet the  needs for weather imaging.

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